Map of Singapore

Map of Singapore

Singapore first gained its independence on 9th August 1965. To date, Singapore is currently 49 years old. According to BBC News on 3rd March 2014, Singapore is named the world’s most expensive city to live in with Paris being 2nd. Standing at 700 square kilometers wide, Singapore is the smallest country in Southeast Asia and is labelled as “The Red Dot”. However, being a first world country with one of the most number of skyscrapers in the world, navigating around Singapore could post as a small difficulty for first time visitors. Thus, here is a Singapore map to help you find your way should you face any problems by purchasing the Singapore Street Directory book for better guidance and easy usage to guide all people to go to their destinated places in Singapore. Any persons are welcome to put a red dot mark on the Map of Singapore in the Singapore Street Directory book displaying to show all the detailed places and residential housing in Singapore especially when every person goes to their destination frequently and every time as their main purposes so that they are being able to travel peacefully without having to ask and consult people for directions to reach their frequent destination more easily.

Nonetheless, with Singapore’s efficient public transport (SBS Buses and Singapore MRT), finding your way around will be much easier in no time. The Map of Singapore will guide you to many local businesses, tourist attractions, shopping malls, museums, local delights etc. There is another method of the Map of Singapore for everybody’s guidance purposes by going online to see the clear images of the local map which is much faster rather than you go around and ask the public people for directions to get into your prefered destination. Alternatively, you can get the brochure from the visitors information gallery to have the clear view with full detailed displaying all the interesting tourists attractions, Singapore MRT Stations in all five different MRT Lines currently, shopping malls and shopping centre, local rivers, local delights such as food and drinks, local museums located along the central part location of Singapore, Singapore LRT Stations being included in the Singapore MRT System Map, local park available in Singapore and all the local hotels being reserved for the hotel guests to stay in the integrated high class five-star ratings being awarded in Singapore only. Please also note that only the integrated high class five-star ratings award are reserved and designed to be located in the central heart attraction part of Singapore and the resort chalet accommodation facing the beachside scenery view are only located at Changi area which is nearby walking distance to Changi Village within the eastern part location of Singapore.

Using the Map of Singapore:

It is simple to navigate around using the Map of Singapore. To zoom in, just roll your scroll wheel up. Likewise, to zoom out, roll your scroll wheel down. Double clicking the map will also help you to zoom in. To move the map around, just click, hold and drag. To view real life images of anywhere, just click on the area and click on the bottom left square that says “Satellite imagery” when your mouse hovers. Click the same square to switch back to street maps. To get directions, click on “View on google maps” and type in your address and hit enter. You may also type in “attractions” or any other entertainment that you are looking for and there will be multiple pins pinned onto the Singapore map. Just hover your mouse to any pin and there will be more information on what that place is. The Singapore Map that is provided above allows you to have both an overview and the smallest details of different locations in Singapore. With the square at the left hand corner of the Map of Singapore, it enable you to have a clearer view on the structures around the location you are looking for.

Advantages of usage in the Map of Singapore:-

There are several advantages of using the Navigator on both the Apple IPad and mobile devices are simple to navigate the Map of Singapore using the Navigator with chosen adjustments preferred to their comfortable pace in having a clear detailed view of the local map, displaying the methods of the Navigator usage on the instructions package menu, following the instruction guide menu to use the Navigator device to view the Map of Singapore, selection of all the local places of interests to find out more information about the particular place and allowing the device to switch back to the street maps if you don’t want the Map of Singapore to be viewed. To do a comparison between the two electronic devices, the Apple IPad is much more clearer to view and see the Map of Singapore using the free downloading Navigator device than the mobile device on the mobile phone which required to do more adjustments on the Map of Singapore because the mobile device doesn’t give a better and clearer view like a desktop on both the flat-screen computers or laptops to see the local maps for any interesting itinerary places.

Disadvantages of usage in the Map of Singapore:-

There are a few disadvantages of using the Navigator on both the Apple IPad and mobile devices are slow in connection if there is no network server wi-fi connection, unable to see very clearly with full detailed which results in having to zoom the Map of Singapore until the largest for viewing in mobile devices only because mobile device are specially designed to call, write messages through both common methods of communication which are text messages and what apps and slowing the mobile phone down on the mobile devices when the Navigator got problems and jammed in connectivity to view and see the local map. Sometimes the Apple IPad can be resulting in slowing the network connection down due to the problems occurred and encountered in connecting the Navigator to view the Map of Singapore which is more clearer than the normal mobile device on the mobile phone.

Now, you are one step closer to the location you are finding with the help of the Singapore Map!